Dimanche 20

Sunday, a collection focused on animal protection. For this collection, we have chosen to defend a particular animal, the rhino. Why? For all the strength and power it gives off.

This time we decided to launch a first line of clothing, basic organic cotton, recycled fibers and to expand our range of accessories with the silk square. All of them have a rhinoceros that stands proudly on the chest, with an important message for sure that is so sobering: "The environment is everything that is not me. »Albert Einstein If here we point the finger at a species in the process of disappearing, we also wanted to make reason this sentence so important to us which affects our environment as a whole. Respect for humans, fauna and flora.

The organic Rhinoceros T-shirt, ideal all year round. In summer I prefer white for more lightness, with jeans or a beautiful long and flowing skirt. Black, more like winter, bringing warmth and
power with its red rhino. Jeans, skirt, overalls, ideal with every outfit. Perhaps you will accompany your outfit with a pretty square of French silk around your neck, in your hair, on your belt or even in a top? Cream or red, the choice is yours! For cool evenings by the sea, at the foot of a mountain or at home, opt for our black hoodie in organic cotton and recycled fibers.

Now it's your turn!